Module 7

Theory part for Module 7

Reach out globally

Social media is a complex world in which people connect and share. That is why promoting your business on social media is a great way to take your products to the next level, supplement your income and reach a large audience. To get started, first, you should know your context and create an account in the most convenient platform (for example, if your target group is young people, then maybe TikTok is the best option). Think carefully about the name you want to give your account; you may earn some points! Then, be consistent and creative. Publish every week and collaborate with other professionals. Finally, get some feedback from your followers. Find out what they like or would like to see on your account.

Real life scenario for Module 7 - Reach out globally

There is a woman, Ela, living in a small village of Ioannina. After a lifetime of raising her kids and earning some money as a cleaning lady at the school in her village, she has decided to leave her job and start her own little company. She has always liked pottery, so she buys a little potter’s wheel and a kiln. She starts creating all types of pots and she paints them. They are beautiful, but, even though her product is good and interesting she cannot find enough people to buy her pots. She tries different things to solve the problem: distributing some posters, offering discounts, and asking in different shops if they can promote her pots. However, this does not seem to be enough until she finds the answer: going global, and share on social media. She decides to create a Facebook account, very popular among her friends and the people of her village. This is how she finally manages to promote her product in a very creative way through pictures, texts, and videos on a Facebook page.




What is the best solution to Ela’s problem?
What was what Ela was not doing correctly?
What other appropriate solution would you give to her problem?